I attended the German school for all 12 years of my school life
There I aquired the ability to speak 4 languages. I studied Ceramics at the JHB Technicon, but was a frustrated sculptor all the way through tech. Then studied Fashion Design and Management for 6 months

I traveled overseas for 3 months I met my husband shortly after my return and got married in 1986. I have two gorgeous daughters: Alice (24) and Georgia (21) and a son Thomas (12).

In the 80s I made and sold ceramic ornaments, in the 90s I worked as a stylist in advertising. In the 2000’s I have built a new range of sculptural ornaments that strive to become iconic South African Designs and objects.

I am also a passionate teacher of sculpture and constantly work on improving my own skills, by attending and giving workshops.

In 2009 I was awarded the tender to make a sculpture which would be a tribute to Walter and Albertina Sisulu. This has been the absolute high point of my life so far and the realization of a lot of day dreaming. I have always wanted to make sculptures which belong to everyone and become part of architectural spaces. It’s been an enormous honor and privilege to make this sculpture.

I am completely passionate about Johannesburg, and proud of the face lift the city has undergone these past 5 years.

When I sculpt: It feels like prayer
My new favourite building: The Circa Building cnr Jellico and Jan Smuts
My old favourite building: Opposite FNB in Rosebank, it looks like mecchano,
My best virtue: Honesty,
My worst trait: Being too honest
Saddest time in my life so far: Loosing the farm in Zimbabwe where my husband grew up.
Happiest time: Marrying and having babies being able to sculpt
My new motto: What shall be shall be…
I want to come back as: The weaverbird outside my window, who is a fab sculptor and has so much life and energy.