Sculpture Classes & Workshops

Sculpture Classes

Classes are three hours long and held on Tuesday evenings from 19h00 to 22h00, Wednesday mornings from 09h30 to 12h30 or Friday mornings from 09h30 to 12h30. Materials and tools are provided.

Marina opened her private sculpture school in 2005 to offer sculpting classes for adults. Her teaching studio is located on the same property as her home in the leafy suburb of Greenside in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The generous portions of the stands in this neighbourhood easily accommodate her menagerie of sculptures and sculptors. Secure parking, a warm cup of tea or glass of wine lubricate artistic endeavours.

Students are tutored on how to sculpt in clay, wax, cement and other mediums. Bronze casting and sculpting from life are also taught. Classes are small, but vibrant, to balance attention with creative inspiration.

Teaching takes place in English, Afrikaans, and German. She is also able to participate in conversational French.


I have been taking sculpting lessons with Marina Walsh for 5 years. Marina teaches all the basics and techniques one needs to know in sculpture. I love the relaxing atmosphere in her studio.
Marina is a very open-minded person who guides you in the project you choose. What I like about her is that she leaves room for personal creation while being present. She does not impose any project nor her style and this, in my opinion, is very important for any beginner seeking to discover themself in art.

Thanks to her I discovered the artist hidden in me.
- Dora Prévost
Marina is an amazing artist and she extends her creativity to her warm and wonderful sculpture classes. She gives us enough structure to keep us on track, in an environment that is open and messy and inclusive and generally marvellous. We love our classes!
- Jane Holdsworth
I’ve been attending Marina Walsh’s classes for more than five years. I had no prior training or
experience. It has been the most wonderful journey, through clay, cement and various building
materials, via photographic references and sculpt-from-life workshops. I have learned so much and relish
the prospect of every special Friday morning class.
- Gill Murray
I moved to South Africa in the winter of 2017. As an artist who has been doing sculptural work in different countries for more than 8 years, I was worried about whether I could find an instructor or a decent studio to work in this new city. However, after searching, I met Marina Walsh, a sculptor and a great tutor. Before teaching sculpture, she taught us how to work with self-motivation, confidence and how to make castings with different materials and methods. I must mention that I have learned a lot in her “live model workshops”. I am continuing to sculpt at her studio in Johannesburg. I have always been very grateful to her for being such an encouraging teacher and a friend to me as she taught me about preserving through tough times and enhancing my sculpture methods.
- Nazli Sahinoglu

Gallery of Students' Work

Sculpture Workshops

Periodically, day or weekend workshops are held to focus on a particular medium, such as sandstone, or a particular form, such as a male or female torso.

Marina Sculpting Lessons

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