Sculpture Commissions

Collaborative Vision

Sculpture is always a collaboration between the artist and her medium. Commissions offer an artist the opportunity to collaborate with individuals and institutions to bring a collaborative vision to life.

Marina has had the honour and pleasure of working on many, varied commissions. The four commissioned sculptures highlighted below have been chosen because they speak to disparate audiences.

The Olivia 

The Fetal Medicine Research Institute - London, England
“The Olivia” is a larger than life beautifully expectant African woman bronze sculpture that stands on a sandstone base.

Olivia is bathed in natural light, a sentinel, watching and guarding doctors and their tiny patients at The Fetal Medicine Centre. Positioned at the architectural crux, Olivia is framed by solid, tactile exposed brick and sleek, transparent glass.

The Fetal Medicine Research Institute is headed by Professor Nicolaides, a maternal fetal medicine specialist whose discoveries, and patents, have revolutionised fetal medicine.
Marina Walsh and I worked together on the creation of “The Olivia”. Marina always surprises. She is dedicated to attaining the best possible outcome with the commitment and resilience of spirit throughout any project.
Isa Gesseau


Private Home - Johannesburg, South Africa
Lucia is a clay sculpture, sculptured and fired in one piece. She is secured to a sandstone base and protected by a weatherproof wax patina.

She measures 60cm high in her crouched position, and is situated at the edge of a pool in a private home in the South of Johannesburg. She enjoys a view towards the city from this vantage point.

Commissioned by Lucia’s grandfather, this likeness depicts a young girl at play - about to plunge into a sparkling pool or dive into the waters of girlhood.

Marina is skilled at the creation of realistic portraits and here she captures Lucia in clay. Marina is my preferred sculptor for special commissions as she is able to interpret the needs of the client whilst creating and leaving her own style and mark on the artwork.
Isa Gesseau

Walter and Albertina Sisulu

Public Square on Diagonal Street - Johannesburg, SA
The Sisulu public sculpture is a particularly treasured commission of Marina’s as she was able to participate in honouring this doyen and doyenne of South African culture. It also realised the artist’s dream of having her art enjoyed in a general public forum.

This monument to Walter and Albertina Sisulu is installed in a square on Diagonal Street, in Johannesburg’s CBD, opposite the site of Walter’s business offices.

This 2.7 tonne clay sculpture depicts the Sisulus in their mature years, seated and holding hands. It has become a beloved piece of art that often finds visitors sitting on the lap of the couple, fondly referred to as the "parents of the nation".

This statue was commissioned by the Johannesburg Development Agency.

Moving lightly away from the conventions of grand monumentalism, the Sisulu sculpture strikes a more personal note, to do with a story of enduring romance. Full of warmth, colour and humanity, the artwork by Marina Walsh touches on the private lives of Walter and Albertina Sisulu, life-long companions and comrades in the anti-apartheid struggle. Among the most popular public and engaging artworks in Johannesburg, it is well-loved by many.
Eric Itzkin
Deputy Director: Immovable Heritage at City Of Johannesburg

Bishop Colenso

Century City, Milnerton, Cape Town
This life-sized bronze statue of Bishop John William Colenso forms part of a strong throng of departed liberation struggle icons on “a long walk to freedom” in the Groenkloof Nature Reserve.

Marina was commissioned by the brain behind this project, Dali Thambo, to re-animate this mathematician whose plethora of accomplishments included translating the New Testament into Zulu.

The Groenkloof Nature Reserve was the first game sanctuary in South Africa and is 600 hectares of green space open to the public.

Gallery of Commissions

Marina has executed many commissioned works, as well as projects for a number of schools in Johannesburg - including Auckland Park Preparatory School, Kingsmead Primary School, Parkview Senior School, Pridwin and the Ridge School. This gallery features a selection of these works.
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