Sculpting Wax

Sculpting Wax



Not to be mistaken for a bar of chocolate, this wax is my own personal recipe and is made from micro-crystaline wax mixed with dry clay powder.

Whereas plasticine can become sticky and polymer clays are rather expensive , this wax has the consistency of plasticine with a dryer and firmer workability.

Each piece that is cut or broken off from the block does need to be kneaded and wedged in your fingers in order to warm it up and make it pliable and consistent.

I suggest having corn starch, (or Talcum powder) to get rid of stickiness and petrolium jelly (Vaseline) to smooth and soften. These two ingredients will help you to achieve the required consistency whilst you work.

Do remember that working with wax is a much slower process than clay, however you can also melt the wax , and stirring whilst it cools , you can get a very soft consistency with which to sculpt quickly.

The advantages of this material is that you can take as long as you like to sculpt and achieve detail. In order to create a permanent sculpture , a mould needs to be made.

Then the sculpture needs to be cast in hard wax for the lost wax process in bronze casting, or you can pour resin or Plaster of Paris into your mould.

The price is per single block of sculpting wax. The image shows 2 blocks .

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